Recipes to spice up your kitchen... and your love life

Using personal stories from his own life as well as his time as a professional matchmaker, Schiavoni offers 'recipes' not just for food, but for relationships that have grown stale and suggests that trust, communication and intimacy are the very desirable byproducts of a sexually charged dominant and submissive relationship. Not just another boring book about kinky sex, it is a look at relationships and how to make them as intense as you dream they can be. 

Using the metaphor of a romantic Italian meal Collared Cooking offers up a guide for curious adults, wannabe Italian chefs and aspiring Latin lovers.  It takes couples through stages, steps, 'courses' for growing from stale and mundane to fresh, exciting and passionate relationships.  

It is not just recipes for food, but for romantic, passionate relationships.  It is a book about hearts.  It is a book for curious singles or couples who want to understand the reality before they safely take those first steps. It is for those who want to explore without moving too fast, getting hurt or choosing the wrong partner.   It is based on real people with real contributions of photos, blog entries and letters.

And the recipes are awesome.




Bringing the reality of intimacy & submission to light.


All photography provided by Dominique Schiavoni.