A real Dom's view of dating in 2015

Part one: Overview

         Clicking my way around twitter I have been learning a lot about today’s men and women and about modern dating in general, most of which is not very encouraging for men.

One female dating coach talked about a “pre-date screening phone call” with some poor schmuck who got “three opportunities to validate a small, impersonal feeling” she was sharing.  Seriously?  Perhaps he did not know he was being interviewed and was just trying to make casual conversation?  Another female dating coach spoke of a “dating portfolio”, made up of even more poor schmucks who don’t have the good sense to know they are being used for their time, money and good intentions by calculating females looking for the best return from their portfolio.

Is this what thirty years of feminist genderism has done to women?  Has it become so cold and calculated as to be just plain narcissistic?  It is no wonder that men no longer want any part of marriage.  Why would they want to be legally tied to someone who thinks so coldly about men going into it?   If it is this calculated on the way in God only knows how mercenary they will be on the way out.  Well, actually men do know how mercenary women can be in a divorce and that is another reason men are skeptical of marriage. Men are painfully aware of how the divorce deck is so heavily stacked against them.  Thirty years of feminist writings and studies have yet to offer an “Equality of divorce settlement 101”.   Where divorce dollars are concerned feminists are very happy to stay in the 1950s, until the ink is dry, then it’s all about equality in the workplace, male privilege, bla bla bla.

If this is the reality of dating & mating in the two thousands what is an old fashioned, honest, decent, good man to do?  Where does a good man find a good woman, one who is not playing games with him, using him as a social place marker and getting free meals and activities until she strikes pay dirt? 

I read that young people don’t really date anymore; they just hang out, they hook up.  Not a bad deal for the men actually.  Men get sex without paying for dates and don’t incur the cost inherent in pursuing serial daters.

So how does all this gel into some kind of modern day ‘dating gestalt’ for men who want to be in a real relationship; a relationship defined not by feminist genderism and it’s first cousin collegiate political correctness but rather an old fashioned relationship based on mutual respect, honesty and the type of sex one gets in a committed relationship?  What should the male female dating & mating dance look like from the male perspective?  What music is playing?  What moves does one need to learn?  What are the alternatives?

Meeting and mating for those of us who live in the dominant and submissive lifestyle has always been different than Madison Avenue dating, the foolishness sold to women and men on TV, magazines and Hollywierd.  We have been lucky to be able to cut through the crap and get right to the point very quickly.  When 50 Shades went viral I had high hopes that reality would set in for the masses, 50 million new women looking to experience the reality of a true submissive lifestyle, A windfall for Doms everywhere, but alas, twas not to be….

Next up: Reality of dating from the male perspective