Easter one year later....

I penned this article a year ago when the Presidential Election was just warming up. This had not been political per se until this entry, but like so many others I felt I needed to add my view to the discussion.   Following President Trump's victory and with the events of this past week: the missle strike in Syria, the MOAB deployment and the repositioning of the Carl Vincent attack group, I looked back at what I said then, and what is transpiring now.  It seems to world is an ever more frightening place, and that thankfully, enough Americans thought like me, that we needed a strong, decisive leader at the helm.  The people mentioned in the last paragraph have indeed gone over the edge and we face threats like never before.  It seems that the focus of the Collared Cooking gestalt has shifted from romance and intimacy to masculinity in a crazy world.

Easter, 2016

Watching the news this past Easter Monday morning was am saddened at many things, the Easter Sunday murder of innocent Christians in Pakistan being highest on the list.  The dishonest propaganda by Secretary of State John Kerry pursuant to that was just soul crushing as well. But what really drove me to the keyboard was the segment on Emory College students ‘protesting’ the chalking of Donald Trump’s name around the campus as making them “feel unsafe” and I wonder how can we survive as a nation in a world where Muslim suicide bombers murder innocent civilians while our youth demand protection, even counselling when someone chalks two words and a number on some steps?  How incredibly, pathetically weak have our youth become?

I was surprised that writing Collared Cooking as a primer for men to become real men in their relationships again and declaring that men being strong and dominant in relationships was nature’s way did not put me in the cross hairs of militant feminists. My book actually was reviewed very positively and accepted as challenging and enlightening by female reviewers and interviewers. Collared Cooking is not political per se, but when I see pathetically wimpy college youth lying down in protest of a name being chalked on steps I realize that not only in relationships, but in life in general our male youth have been emasculated into sniveling, weak sissy boys raised with feminist values and absentee fathers, something I did comment on. I wonder how these American sissy boys will fare in a world plagued by brutally strong men and women who are willing to die for their beliefs and take pleasure in beheading, raping, torturing and burning alive innocents everywhere?

Are we even raising enough real men to replenish the Marines, the 82nd Airborne, the Green Berets and other front line combat troops that will confront the myriad of threats we face as a nation?  Are there enough real men to carry the weight for the sniveling brats who are “feeling the Bern” of free education from a doting socialist surrogate grandpa? After eight years of a limp wristed, nicotine addicted President, a liberal progressive agenda driven Justice Department and a weak and feckless Commander in Chief what do we have left to challenge worldwide Islamic Jihad?

Donald Trump exists for people who care about such things. The silent majority as we have been called since Ronald Regan tapped into our hearts back in the 80s. The quiet, hard-working middle class that have watched the world we knew be taxed and regulated out of existence.  Brilliant commentators like Ann Coulter, Katie Pavlich, Michelle Malkin and Katherine Timpf have all written piercing comment on this situation. Even Laura Engles is coming around. Young social media newcomers such as Tomi Lahren have popped up on the news scene and give one hope that the national sense of pride and strength and an appreciation of real men has been reawakened among female youth.

Sadly the old guard, including people I used to admire such as Michael Medved and Dennis Prager have joined the anti-Trump cabal. The established Republican party has gone cannibalistic, eating away at its most successful candidate in years, the chosen one who brings blue collar Democrats into the voting booth. Rather than rallying behind the people’s choice, they congeal to defame and defeat him, paving the way for a Hillary victory in 2016.

All of these establishment commentators write prolifically about this opinion and that, and do wonderfully wordsmithing the minutia of it all. Daily they fight for the same sound bite tested, country club approved candidates who like them, have a huge stake in keeping the establishment country club pure. And that does not include people like Trump, or like me.

As a man’s apologist and in terms of the Collared Cooking gestalt it comes down to this: Donald Trump is me, a very wealthy version of me. Trump is a plain speaking, hardworking guy who loves his family, really, truly loves his country, and is tired of seeing the bloodsuckers in Washington grow fat and rich by selling out middle class Americans to big donors, unions and lobbyists. He sees the corruption and he calls it what it is. He understands the career politicians and K street hustlers and knows they are wrong for the country and for the common man. He cannot be bought, and that scares the hell out of them.

Like me Donald Trump speaks honestly and plainly and is not afraid to use politically incorrect language. He actually speaks his mind with real time thoughts instead of consultant written sound bites. Like me Trump believes in the sanctity of life and is not afraid to step on the political toes of the abortion fascists. That this abortion obsession is so centric in the hearts of so many American women is a sad and ugly comment on the state of womanhood in this country. The fact that so many women rally behind Hillary's shrill abortion rants and care not that she allowed brave men to die in Benghazi and divulged national security secrets says more about women than it does about Donald Trump.

In many of these regards Donald Trump is the everyman that conservatives have longed for. He is our last, best shot at cleaning house in Washington before this country goes past the tipping point of no return. He is out best hope of getting America back to her basic values and common sense. He is our best hope to give young men a real male role model to emulate and young women to look for. He is brash, strong, opinionated, quick to react, and fiercely protective of his wife, exactly the kind of traits that normal, honest, hard-working Americans value and our enemies overseas will fear. Putin will not be so quick to act arrogantly with a strong Commander in Chief in the White House.

Thinking this I realized that what makes Donald Trump unique among all the contenders is that he is an old fashioned man’s man. He is strong, clear, honest, definite and fearless. He does not mince words in fear of offending every minute faction of the grievance class. He does not fear the militant feminists.  He does not bow to the testosterone averse female press corps. He surrounds himself with beautiful, talented, strong, accomplished women. He is a real man and radical feminist misandry just rolls off him.

That may well be why so many radical women don’t like him. Manhood has been under attack for 30 years now and the majority of women in this country have come to frankly dislike real masculinity and openly engage in societal misandry. Strong men scare women who resent men and need to be in control. For as long as many women have been alive strong, masculine men have been made fun of in movies and TV shows, while “good TV men” are buffoons and weaklings, pathetically whimpering for whatever sexual crumb the woman grants whenever she allows it. The male imagio of many women is an emasculated joke, and Donald Trump is as far from that as can be.  

I respect Donald Trump. He is a hard working, non-drinking, family loving, God fearing, America cheering man’s man. He respects and supports our men in uniform and there is no doubt he would have their backs. No American heros would be left to die on foreign soil while President Trump watched via drone camera from the safety of the Whitehouse basement. American soldiers would respect such a President.

Trump respects, loves and supports women. The amazing women working for him and the positions they hold are proof of this. His wife is drop dead gorgeous, speaks five languages and has a Masters degree.  He respects life and by all rights should be the candidate of Christians everywhere. Yes there is a lot there for contemporary misandrinistic females to fear.

We have had eight years of the perfect woman’s man as president. A man who speaks eloquently yet has no cojones. He throws lavish parties, welcomes cop killers and treats the Marine guard as servants. He has an arrogant wife who bosses him around and uses the US Air Force as her private taxi service. Strong woman, weak man, everything that the women’s studies departments of liberal colleges could hope for, and look at what has happened to our once great nation.  It is time for a real man, a traditional man’s man. 

It is time for men to once again stand up for being men and for our nation to stand proud for being America. 

So the question becomes “Is America ready for a strong, man’s man as President”? Are the women of America ready to realize that a dishonest, pant suited radical feminist President cannot defend us against Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and the Mullahs worldwide?  Are the young men of America ready to step up and be men again? Either way it is going to be a wild ride.