What she really wants for Valentine's Day

Searching on line for the most popular valentine’s day gifts I was reminded of the quintessentially boring Father’s Day   necktie.  Flowers?  Nice.  Chocolate covered strawberries?  Fattening.  Candles?  Yawn.  $80.00 a plate brunch?  More Fattening.  Where is the passion?  Where is the intimacy, connection and excitement that all women  desire?  How long has it been since your wife felt like your girl, your date, your mistress, not just a ‘mother’?’  Gentlemen, inside that mother is a woman, a woman who still wants to feel passion and romance.

The estimated annual total sales value of romance novels in 2013 was $1.08 billion.  The age curve of the romance book buyers: 30–54 years old.  The favorite topic of every woman’s magazine is ... wait for it...  sex.  Not ‘Valentine’s day Sex’, but raw, hot, steamy, sexy sex.   Indeed, many have called the 50 Shades books “mommy porn” with good reason.  Why is it that so few men understand this and do not take advantage of what it is women actually want?  Why is that so many couples with children and grandchildren stop being lovers and drop down to boring, asexual parents and grandparents?  Why should women spend a billion dollars on sappy romance novels when they have a perfectly good man at home?

Of course we all know life gets in the way.  Responsibilities grow, time and money shrink, distractions go virile.  Pretty soon the love life is all but extinct, and mom is buying sappy romance novels to touch that part of her heart and soul that her man no longer does.

Gentlemen, and I use that word expectantly, it is time to man up, to stop being the wimpy TV father you have degenerated to and become the man in those romance novels: strong, virile, passionate, a leader; be dominant in the relationship and in the bedroom.  Dominant, does that word scare you?  Are you afraid what your friends might think?  Do you even know what it really means to be a dominant in a relationship?  Dominant men are all the things mentioned above: strong, virile, physically protective, passionate, the leader sexually.  They are real men who want a real woman for real passion.  They are what men were 40 years ago before political correctness and militant feminist misandry began to erode American manhood.  They are the men that for most married mothers after some years exist only in romance novels.  They are the men your woman wants you to be, and when you see the change in her, you will want to be one as well.

Gentlemen, this valentine’s day forget the $80.00 / plate brunch (plus tax plus drinks plus parking, times two).  Spend that money on a hotel and give your lady a copy of Collared Cooking, a pair of four inch stilettos, a sheer nightie, and a little black ribbon collar.   Put the shoes, nightie and jewelry on the bed and order some champagne & chocolate covered strawberries.    

Option B: stay home, put the shoes, nightie and jewelry on the bed, choose a romantic Italian recipe from the book and be cooking it while she changes.  Light some candles and open a nice bottle of red. 

Be in charge; be strong, be sensual, be creative.  Be a real man, a dominant male and make her your cherished lover, your girl of years ago and you will give her a valentine’s day surprise of passion, love, sex, intimacy and connection that she has only dreamed of.  Happy valentine’s day.