Dinner is more than a recipe

Why are Italians thought of as passionate people?  Why is eating Italian somehow different than most other meals?  Where does all that emotion and passion come from?  So many times women remark to me “I dated an Italian once…” and it always seems to remind them of something big emotionally and experientially.

Italian food is as passionate as the Italians who created it.  It is warm, intense and filling, like love should be.  Italian is to food what ‘soul mate' is to relationships.   How great it would be to have both!

Collared Cooking is not just a cookbook. It is a relationship book; it is a sex book.  It is The Joy of Sex coupled with the Joy of Cooking, spiced up with a touch of 50 Shades of Grey.  It is recipes not just for dinner, but for the evening, perhaps the relationship itself.  It is not just the ingredients for fettuccini, but for passionate relationships.  It is not just about the forty-five minutes of dinner, but about the rest of the evening that follows and maybe far longer.

Collared Cooking is a guide for men who are not doing well in the relationship world.  Collared Cooking is for women whose relationships have grown stale.  Collared Cooking is a lesson on what to do before and after the lovely meal.   Just because men know how to eat and women know how to cook does not mean that making Veal Scaloppini is going to ensure a night of passion. 

Does sex have to be daring?  Maybe not.  But having meat loaf seven days a week can get old.  Most people appreciate variety.  Most women like the thought of a passionate Italian lover.  Collared Cooking will help you to plan an exciting evening, not just a meal.  Collared Cooking might make for one evening of ‘different’ sex, or it might open the doors to a new and exciting lifestyle.  Either way it won’t be another night of meat loaf.