Why? What's in it for the woman?

Most people seem to think that a Dominant and submissive relationship is just about sex toys but that is far from reality. Dominant and submissive relationships are about respect, intimacy, trust, connection and passion. It is that intimacy, that passion that holds couples together and once felt will not allow you to go back to a world where respect and intimacy are things not valued to the degree that we do

Easter one year later....

I was surprised that writing Collared Cooking as a primer for men to become real men in their relationships again and declaring that men being strong and dominant in relationships was nature’s way did not put me in the cross hairs of militant feminists. My book actually was reviewed very positively and accepted as challenging and enlightening by female reviewers and interviewers

What she really wants for Valentine's Day

Searching on line for the most popular valentine’s day gifts?  Flowers?  Nice.  Chocolate covered strawberries?  Fattening.  Candles?  Yawn.  $80.00 a plate brunch?  Fattening.  Where is the passion?  Where is the intimacy, connection and excitement that all women  desire?  How long has it been since your wife felt like your girl, your date, your mistress, not just a ‘mother’?’  Gentlemen, inside that mother is a woman, a woman who still wants to feel passion and romance.

27 Ways to Be a Modern Man…. Not

The sad truth is, once attained these boy-men are also unsatisfying to many women and that is why so many women remain sexually and emotionally wanting and so turn to romance novels like ’50 Shades’ that give them the fantasy of a deeply passionate and highly sexual relationship with a masculine, dominant man

Respect and love in the BDSM world.

"Why is it that when we, or people, talk about this lifestyle it's about sex, roughness, pain, dominate, submissive, kinkiness, punishment, BDSM, multiple partners? Why can't it be a man, woman, respect and love that we, people, discuss?"

A real Dom's view of Dating in 2015 - #3 How we got here / How to gain control again.

   Thirty years ago the feminist assault on traditional values began to take its toll.  Equity feminism (like good cholesterol) which had been around since the cowboy days (the women’s suffrage movement) morphed into its ugly twin: gender feminism (bad cholesterol) and equity of opportunity and compensation devolved into equity of genders, leading to college girls thinking they could have meaningless sex just like the guys did.   And college boys everywhere thanked you!