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For more than two decades, Dominique Schiavoni has lived the intimate, exciting, and often-misunderstood world of Dominance and submission (D/s). A respected Dominant, he has woven his study of psychology, his knowledge of Maslow and Freud, and his extensive personal experience together to create a new lifestyle primer for novices who want to enter into a Domination and submission relationship safely. Much more than a step-by-step manual, he offers in-depth explorations of sexuality, intimacy, security, belonging, feminism, psychology, and more. A skilled Italian chef, Dominique offers up tantalizing recipes designed to entice, thrill, and torment. The seduction starts with appetizers—the promise of things to come. Your appetite aroused, the meal progresses to entrees, and finally the sweet reward and release of dessert.

In tying together the many aspects of a well-rounded relationship between the Dominant and submissive, he creates a blueprint for a powerful relationship model based on a heightened sexuality, intimacy and passion. His book is not a primer on spanking, or even sex; it is a deep  look into the emotional  and relational transformation inherent in a true D/s relationship, rich with real-life stories, photographs and blogs from actual Doms and subs, and the recipes are romantic and sensual addressing not only the food, but the interaction of the evening.


About the author, and his lady....

Photo Credit: Author

Photo Credit: Author

Dominique Schiavoni

Having managed a major high-service, high priced introductions company where he conducted lengthy and candid  personal interviews as well as doing psychometric profiles on hundreds of male and female customers, Dominique has a unique professional and personal insight to the conscious and subconscious motivations of people who are ‘looking for something’.

A background of studying  psychology and sociology in college before pursuing a healthcare career where again, human emotions were bare and candid coupled with 20 years in the world of Dominance and submission, has given Dominique a rare life experience and opportunity to collect and process significant raw data as regards human needs and emotions, hopes and fears.

Dominique has introduced and trained a variety of successful, accomplished, intelligent, articulate and frankly beautiful women into the lifestyle. No fantasy here, all real life experience.  This experience is what gave him the insight and credibility to write this book in the hopes of sharing the peace, joy and sensuality that those of us in the lifestyle enjoy.

A firm believer in both Maslow and Freud, Dominique has woven both into his thesis on sex, security, belonging and self-esteem as pertains to what he feels can be a basic, primal male-female relationship and its place in today’s politically correct society.

Photo Credit:  Author

Photo Credit:  Author


A successful corporate warrior, world travelor, single mother, domestic goddess and total 'man magnate' as one lady friend described her, domestique was unaware of the world spoken of here until meeting Dominique at a vanilla social gathering,  Her life with Dominique remains private from family & friends, as are most D&s relationships..